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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The next tease from my new book "Into Each Life ..."

   Daniel never got over the incident. His brother was his closest friend. They were both born and raised in Chapanoke, played football together at Chapanoke High, and worked the same shift at the food-processing plant after high school. Michael went on to college and a career in the school system, rising to the position of Vice Principal before his untimely death. Daniel was content to work at the plant for the rest of his life. He was satisfied with steady work and a steady paycheck. When the plant closed down a few years later, Daniel sank into a depression which he battled off and on from that point forward.
   Daniel's grief and anger with himself eventually turned toward God. "It's your fault!" he screamed as he shook a fist at heaven. "Why did you let this happen? My brother was a good man. And now he's dead and the bastard that killed him is walking around free somewhere. How can I believe you care?"
[Daniel O'Shea, friend to Crystal and a sort of father figure to Jamie. Daniel plays prominently into the story, especially later on.]

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