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Friday, December 28, 2012

Turn Your Computer into a Kindle Reading Device

I've been wanting to post another blog, but bronchitis has been kicking my rear. So I decided to write a simple blog I've been wanting to do about the subject of buying and reading ebooks for those of you who don't have Kindles.
Let me start by addressing the issue of ebooks. Many people refuse to take the plunge, protesting that they want to hold a book in their hands and turn the pages with their fingers. "None of these ee-lectronic books for me!" they say. I was of the same frame of mind until I downloaded the app so I could see how the ebooks I was publishing looked on Kindle. It changed my mind. Reading an ebook on a computer is a pleasurable experience, and you might as well get used to it because the way things are trending, in a few years most new books won't even be available in print (or they will be very expensive).
Perhaps you have been thinking about taking the plunge but don't have a Kindle. Perhaps you want a Kindle but it's not in your budget right now. If you are reading this blog, you have a computer, right? Just go to Amazon and download the app for your particular computer, and in minutes you'll be downloading and reading ebooks.

For a desktop or laptop PC go here: Kindle App for PC

For a Mac desktop or laptop go here: Kindle App for Mac

"But I don't have a Mac or PC," you say. "I have an IPad. Surely they don't have an App for that."
Actually, they do, and don't call me Shirley. Kindle App for IPad

"Well, I have an IPhone. Don't tell me they have a Kindle App for IPhone." As a matter of fact, there is an App for IPhone, Android, and Blackberry. Do people really still have Blackberries?

Kindle App for IPhone

Kindle App for Android

Kindle App for Blackberry

So there you have it. No matter what kind of computer or smart phone you have, you can turn it into a Kindle reading device with a free app. And there are always free books on Amazon offered by emerging authors looking to get their name out. There are also many classics like "A Tale of Two Cities," "Les Miserables," and "Treasure Island" to name a few of many, which are free on Kindle.

Free Classics on Kindle 

Finally, now that you have turned your computer into a Kindle, check out my books. You could have all of my books in your Kindle library for under $20.

"Donovan's Island"
"When You Die in Your Dreams"
"God Said Not Yet!: One Man's Experience with "Terminal" Cancer"
"I Am Perfect (in God's Eyes)"
"The Mystery of Lake Clandestine" written under my pen name - Van Morgan

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  1. In my limited publishing experience I came across more people who didn't realize that their iPad could read Kindle books, or that they could read e-books on their computers. I guess in this day and age it is easy to naively assume that everyone "gets it", but even those arguably young and hip to the technology trends were asking me when my book would be for sale in iBooks. Kudos for breaking it down for everyone!

  2. No problem. I had become more and more aware that most people believe they have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books. Thus this blog. Feel free to share.
    I just realized who this is. Thanks again, Sarah, for the wonderful book you wrote. I enjoyed it immensely.


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