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Friday, April 10, 2015

The next teaser from my new book, "Into Each Life ..."

   Thus far I've introduced the main characters from the first half of the book, and I've shared a snippet of the wordless communication which Jamie and his mother Crystal share to express those things which are too terrible or painful to voice aloud.
   At this point, I will introduce the main characters in the second part of the book, when Jamie goes away to a group home for troubled teenagers.

   The houses were similar in design, but each was unique in its own way. Some were painted white, some yellow, and some were light blue. All had two stories and a covered porch. Some porches had rocking chairs, some had porch swings, and some had wrought iron furniture. All of the yards were beautifully landscaped.
   In the front yard of each of the houses an engraved wooden sign hung from a post, with a bed of mulch at the base which was bordered by small white rocks. Each sign had a different name on it. One said Ahlbrecht Cottage. Another said Chamberlain Cottage. The blue house with the porch swing was named Fitzgerald Cottage. On the front lawn, a man threw a football to a boy who looked to be about the same age as Jamie. The man was tall and strong. His physical presence was intimidating, but he had a pleasant demeanor. He waved at the car as they drove by. Jamie hesitantly waved back.
   Jamie's heart swelled with the anticipation of an idyllic life in that enchanted place. He dreamed of days filled with adventure, evenings around the dinner table where everyone was polite and smart like in the old movies his mom liked to watch, and hope for the future, for his future. There was a palpable peace and tranquility about Nachala, but it all seemed too good to be true. No place could be that perfect, and besides, if there were such a place, Jamie couldn't believe he deserved such a life. If he did, why had his life been such hell up to that point? His inner battle was one that would not easily be won.

[Richard, the male houseparent in the cottage where Jamie is placed, and a surrogate father-figure]

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